Linda Renaud Fisher

18th Century Ribbon Farms

2012 — mixed media, 23"w x 29"h : $435.00

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A franco-ontarian artist from Windsor, I recently completed a body of work that explores the essence of healthy communities, by considering the socio-cultural, historical, natural and built environment. The series, for which funding from the Ontario Arts Council was awarded, focuses primarily on Old Sandwich Town in Windsor, but includes other regional communities as subject matter as well, such as the area depicted in 18thCentury Ribbon Farms. Physical and conceptual layers are utilized to create an ambiguous effect in order to facilitate reflection. In 18th Century Ribbon Farms, fabric and wallpaper emulating southwestern Ontario eighteenth century farms are utilized to pay hommage to female ancestors. Text from folklorist Marcel Beneteau's songs are also incorporated into the work. Dedicated to life-long learning, my formal education includes studies in the University of Windsor's BFA programme, in addition to courses through other various local community based arts organizations.

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