David Shepherd

Lost Trails

2013 — Oil on Canvas, 54 x 32 : $7500.00

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2012 — Oil on Canvas, 40 x 26 : $1500.00

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b. 1987 Starting drawing at the age of 3, and painting at the age of 8. David has continued pursing art educationally, through highschool and into post secondary education. At a young age taking much reference from Comics, David became interested in realism painting in highschool, after viewing great works from masters such as Caravaggio, and Rembrandt. David graduated from the “Sheridan College Instutue of Technology” for “Art Fundamentals” in 2008. However, a lack of training in form, colour, and realism technique led David to further education at a less convential school. Joining The Academy of Realist Art (ARA) in 2008, David was able to recieve a training similar to that of Bouguereau and the 19th Century French Academies. After 4 years of study under the Academic system, David graduated from there program in 2012. Although a young artist, David has paintings in both private and public collections and is represented by the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Earls Court Gallery.

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