Val West

Erieau Fishing Village by Moonlight

April 2 2012 — night photography, 17x23x : $200.00

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Foggy Fall Night

Oct 9 2011 — Night photography, 22x17 : $200.00

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"Night Photography" What I enjoy about night photography the most is the solitude and lack of crowds! You can see all the sights and hear the sounds of nature without the hustle and bustle of the daily lives of people. I believe night photography has an attraction all its own. The camera sees what the human eye cannot. There’s something magical about capturing that scene after dark with only the moon and stars as your light source, or more to the point, it enhances what light is available, creating a magical connection between light and dark. It reveals a high contrast scene, the streaking lights of the stars, an abandoned ghostly-looking building, or the way the waves on the shore smooth out to a surreal painting. I guess you could say I have found my "artistic medium" in much the way as a painter finds his. Time is compressed, What's left is stillness and quiet. With our hurried lifestyles, my work is an invitation to slow down. And look. "PUBLICATIONS" Photo News Magazine autumn 2011, chosen as an example of Night Photography in an international magazine Better Photography oct 2011 cover page international Magazine covering "Secrets of Long Exposure" The soon to be released "Rondeau Forever" 2012 by William Stephen "Rondeau Forever the adventure continues" 2010 by William Stephen Twinline Magazine spring 2009 as the cover photo "Lake Erie connections Night Scene" Photo Life Magazine 2009 Jan. 1st and 2nd PRIZE in the night photo feature "Showtime" by Epson Steve Deger "Nightly Book of Positive Quotations" 2009 featuring 2 pictures of Rondeau "Chatham Kent Through the Eye of the Camera" coffee table book 2004 chosen by the mayor of Chatham, photos chosen and used as the back cover as well as inside.. A submitter and listed with "Getty Images" Val West

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