Les Luxemburger

Lost Farm (Iconoclastic Myopia)

November 2011 — Acrylic Paint, 18 x 24 : $400.00

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Old Tannery (the past informs the future)

April 2012 — Photograph, 18" x 24" : $400.00

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April 2012 — Acrylic Paint, 24" x 36" : $800.00

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Since I was a child, I was always moved by the environmental crises…moved to respond to it emotionally, then intellectually…to convey the full breathe of its impacts…it’s temporal and spatial permanence…to create meaningful critiques and visual stories that reveal the “hidden” beauty within natural and man-made structures being destroyed and “replaced” in the name of progress. My current work utilizes acrylic painting and mixed-media to explore themes of environmental loss and degradation, hope in the face of despair, and “conscious" expressions of an alternative, sustainable future. In the spirit of my concern for exploring environmental and social issues, I have developed a unique form of “environmental/eco-art (mixed media) which serves as a vehicle and catalyst for me to come to terms with global environmental loss and destruction. I frequently use environmental art as a facilitation tool to actively engage residents, communities, businesses, organizations and policy makers, around these important environmental and social issues. My art thus enables me to explore the potential role of visual artist as both storyteller, activist and facilitator, in helping to understand and challenge man's current consumptive, egoist role in the commodification of Nature, and to present a sustainable alternative - one based on limits to growth. My visual art is also driven by a need to capture beauty and collective memory inherent in Nature and in old decaying buildings – both of which are in a state of decline, disrepair and “neglect”. My “Neglect series” uses Acrylic paint and mixed media to explore the meaning and impact of these “neglected” places and their importance in maintaining an understanding of our cultural identity and memory, as well as the meaning of “consciousness”: our innate, often untapped connection to these landscape markers that act as memory banks and that contain historical significance. Many of these empty buildings are akin to empty selves - forgotten memories, sitting there waiting to be re-discovered, recovered or transformed.

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