Sue Goossens

Farm Gate

Southern Oxford County is primarily farms and many familiar objects, such as this gate, become the focus of my paintings.
May 2011
18" x 36"
Watercolour on canvas


On a train travelling from Toronto to Montreal I was able to get reference photos of barns, fields and all things in between including this very tidy barnyard.
August 2010
12" x 36"
Watercolour on canvas
Sale Price - $950

Sue Goossens's distinct watercolour style has established her as one of the most commercially successful original artists in Ontario. Her paintings are represented in both private and corporate collections throughout Canada and beyond.

"Watercolours are a means of creative expression. Everything starts with my camera - capturing the composition. I enjoy the process of observing my surroundings and interpreting them on a blank piece of watercolour paper. I am always examining my environment for interesting subject matter."

Sue Goossens' compositions are loosely constructed and introduce the eye of the viewer anew to the natural subjects she prefers. The palette is vibrant and the colour is saturated. The evidence of the hand of the artist is minimal on the paper.

Sue provides workshops in her unique style throughout Southwestern Ontario. She is also active in creating opportunities to bring her art and the work of fellow artists to the public by way of art shows and studio tours. Inviting her audience to her home and its rural surroundings allows her to introduce them to the landscapes they know so well through her art.

Sue Goossens lives with her husband, Brian, near the village of Otterville, Ontario.

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