Marie Harold

Approaching Storm

Date: 2011
Dimensions: image-12x22 Framed-17x27
Price: $350

Statement: This scene reminds me of the sometimes lonely, hard-working existence of a farmer's wife. I remember my mother and I can almost smell the freshness of that laundry being retrieved from the line. To this day I love the sight of a full clothesline!

Sapphire Stream

Date: 2011
Med: Watercolour Collage
Dimensions: image-8x15.5 Framed-13.5x21

Statement: This is a new medium for me, so I was surprised as it developed a life of it's own. Streams have always fascinated me.

Raised in rural Ontario, landscape and nature artist, Marie Harold, brings to life the images of Canadiana. Whether it's an old covered bridge, a weather-beaten barn or rosy-cheeked children playing in the snow, Marie's paintings evoke warmth, tranquility, and a sense of nostalgia.

Although she has taken a few lessons, Marie believes that her artistic ability is a gift from God and thus she hopes her work will honour Him and the beauty of His creation.

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