Linda Trowell

Time Goes By

Date:October, 2009
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 20" h. x 16" w. x 1/2" d. Unframed
Sale Price: $250

Over Hill and Dale

Title: Over Hill and Dale
Date: September 2009
Dimensions: 20" h. x 16" w. x 1/2" d. unframed
Sale Price: $250

Linda was born and raised on a farm in Oxford County. At an early age she discovered her artistic interests and began to develop her skills.
After graduating from the Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Linda enjoyed a lengthy career in advertising and graphic design employed by some of Canada's largest retailers Maintaining her interests in fine art, Linda was an active member of various art associations in Richmond Hill and Toronto area, exhibiting her work and teaching workshops part-time.

"During those years in the city, I always remained true to my rural roots.
When it came time for retirement, it seemed only fitting that I return to this area"

Linda's works are in private collections and offices across Canada.

"Drawing and painting for me is a personal journey into the past. My subjects are a record of simpler times. I try to capture the contrasts in Mother Earth:, the relationship between the land and those who live by it I try to convey the feeling of peace and harmony recalling a vanishing lifestyle in an ever changing world"

My entries are from a series entitled "Barn Dance": a tribute to the family farm. The following statement relates to the series
"For me there was always 'something about' the barn, hub of activity, heart of the farm.

"Almost a living being, providing shelter and storing food for man and beast, the barn has remained a symbol of strength, hard work and endurance for generations ."

"In these paintings I show not only different structures, but portray each one in a close relationship with the changing seasons and the passage of time"

"Sadly there is also a sense of abandonment, remnants of bygone times filled with lasting memories to be treasured by all who lived them."

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