Jean Poole

Enniskillin Sheep Farm

Date: May, 2011
Medium: watercolour
Dimensions: H37cm x W55.5cm
Sale Price: $250.00
Artist's Statement: While I was visiting a sheep farm in Enniskillin Township, all of the sheep stopped grazing to greet me. They immediately walked to me, full of curiosity.

Jean Poole, a retired schoolteacher, was born and raised in Chatham, Ontario, but has resided in Corunna for over 50 years.
Her great love of nature has inspired a deep passion for photography and art. Her watercolour, acrylic, and oil paintings either originate from her photography or are they are painted on sight. Frequently, one can find Jean with a camera or a paintbrush in her hand as she duplicates her vision of God's many wonders. The beauty that surrounds her such as a flower's vibrant colour, a bird perched on a wire, a chipmunk collecting nuts, or a tranquil snowy day fascinate her.
Peaceful beauty such as the magnificence of sunlight filtering through the trees to showcase a sparkling, dew-drenched spider web early on a fall morning gives Jean inspiration. This inspiration is transcribed onto paper through Jean's hands, but is truly God's work.
As an educator, Jean believes that one should never stop learning and growing. She began her art instructions from teachers Ariel Lions and Kathy Rath at Bear Creek Studios. Guest instructors such as Jack Reid, Margaret Roseman, Gord McKenzie, Joe Fettings, Mary Abma, and Tom Lynch have been among those who have inspired and enlightened Jean.
As a member of SAW, she attends Winter Wednesdays and "On Location" outings. Also, as a member of The Class Act and The Circle of Artists, she has had the opportunity to frequently show her work in the Sarnia area. In addition, Jean's work has been showcased in her shows at Gallery in the Grove, at Blackwater Café, as well as all other Sarnia galleries.
As Jean cultivates her own creativity, her love for painting continues to grow deeper.

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