Jamie MacLean

Following your Path 2011

oil on wood canvas (gallery depth)

Clean Shadows 2011

12" x 33" Diptych (9x12 and 12x24)
oil on wood canvas (gallery depth)


12" x 36" Diptych (12x12 and 12x24)
oil on wood canvas (gallery depth)

Landscapes should be more than just a pretty picture. They should interact with the viewer, pull him or her in and require participation. My landscapes tend to express energy and transition and focus on dynamic situations. Big colours and strong shadows complement this theme. Wind and motion play a dominant role in many of my pieces and act as aids in expressing my emotions about a scene or setting. Although I am a "city kid" and enjoy what the city offers I have always spent much of my time in various activities outside the city boundaries. The "rural experience" always seems to focus more on activity and adventure. You have to deal with the environment and conditions on a personal level.

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