Danielle Dupuis

Nights Like This

1st Place Winner

acrylic on canvas, 55" x 33"

I like to work fast with acrylics and have a habit of using bright colours and large brush strokes. I find it interesting to see moments of clarity and moments of chaos in my work. Living in Tilbury, I am now surrounded by wind turbines, and have a bit of a fascination with them. Whether you love them or hate them, they are undeniably impressive, and an excellent source for inspiration.

In 2009 Danielle obtained her Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Windsor with a painting specialty, as well as her Bachelor of Education in 2010. She enjoys painting landscapes and imagery that represent small towns. She hopes that her passion for art and teaching will come together in the near future, as she aspires to one day teach art as a full time profession. She currently resides in Tilbury, Ontario.

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