Cathy Groulx

Recollection of Yesterday

2009 , oil on canvas, 12" x 24", $400.00
Too many of our heritage farm buildings are falling into disrepair. They are falling down or are being torn down. This particular farm building looked so particularly sad juxtaposed against the lovely fall flowers that bloomed around it.

Cattle Grazing

2009, oil on canvas, 16" x 20" , $420.00
This agricultural property with its wonderful colour palette silouetted behind the cattle grazing in this field, made me stop to capture it forever on film. It was then transported to canvas for a living memory.

The Straggler

Honourable Mention

2010, oil on canvas, 15" x 30" $550.00
A friend's field of cattle intrigued me. I had to stop to look at the cattle and of course their curiosity made them come over to see who was there. I laughed at the slowpoke who took her time to meander over. With camera at the ready it made an amusing shot, which I then transposed into this painting.

Cathy Groulx was born in London Ont. She studied Commercial Art, Illustration and Design.
She paints realistically in oil on canvas from photographic references.
An International and award winning professional artist, she has had 24 solo exhibitions and participated in over 180 group shows, including Gallery and juried exhibitions.
Cathy is a member of The Ontario Society of Artists, The Woodstock Art Gallery, (on the Art Gallery Advisory Board ), Norfolk Artsco, the The Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre ( past chairperson).
Her work has gone to Taiwan, Japan, The Netherlands, USA, Ireland, Australia, England and Poland. She has exhibited in the USA, France, Denmark and The Netherlands where she curated and exhibited in a show with 7 other artists representing Canada.
Her work is in numerous Corporate and private collections.
She lectures and teaches, judges art and photography competitions.

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