Bob West

Sunrise Over Lake Erie

12x18 photography framed
Feb 2010
An 8 a.m. sunrise minus 10c. A beautiful morning on the shore.

October Sunset Tobermory

24x16 photography on canvas
Oct 2010
What more can be said. To see a sunset from this location is awe inspiring.

March Moonrise

12x18 photography framed
March 2010
A 45 minute long exposure at 9 p.m. on the beach showed the star trails in all their glory. A bit of a tricky walk over the ice forms, was well worth the capture.

Having been an avid photographer for many years, it has just in the past few that I have become more intrigued about it.
I do enjoy putting my best efforts into the images I produce, using all the technology available to me. I can usually see a picture in my mind before I ever set up the camera. My passion is night photography and landscapes.
I am a husband, father of 2 and grandfather of 3 very busy boys.
I consider myself to have a great sence of humor, although some think a little over the edge. Photography is a way for me to express myself in an artistic forum.

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