Rosemary Hasner

Mirror Image

Honourable Mention
Mixed Media Photography
27”x 37” Framed

We spend a lot of time in front of mirrors to see “how we look.” In fact, we check our appearance several times a day – it’s like we couldn’t possibly live without this reflective tool. But the true power of reflection isn’t what we see on the outside; instead, it’s all about what we can learn about what’s on the inside. Reflection isn’t about blame nor is it about regrets – it’s about experience, our most powerful tool. It’s all about knowing yourself better. And it’s a habit that should be just as important as looking in the mirror.

‘Till the Cows Come Home

Mixed Media Photography
19”x 25”

I’ve driven the rural countryside for years in search of the quintessential country image. And I’ve heard the refrain, “you’ll be driving until the cows come home” for just about the same period of time. But driving those roads has helped me realize there isn’t a single image that personifies “rural” – it’s actually a combination of many small and wonderful things. I’ve learned to take things at an unhurried pace, just like those cows headed back to the barn. They get there eventually… on their own sweet time.

Rosemary has won numerous awards for her sometimes nostalgic, often humorous and always surreal depictions of the rural world. She left Toronto and moved to the country in 1999 where she started Black Dog Creative Arts. She was immediately smitten by her new surroundings, using its landmarks as her inspiration and her subject.

Her artwork starts with photography but most people just don’t believe it – they think she’s a painter. She isn’t but she does borrow on the techniques of painters and collage artists to create her digital mixed-media artwork.

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