Toni Hamel

Summer Flyers

Oil on canvas
36 x 30 in

Summer is the season that sees Ontarians heading to “cottage country”, a ritualistic escape to a place (either physical or imagined) where we let go of the constraints of social norms, escape the urban jungle, and are at one with nature and ourselves. It is the moment when, finally freed from our layers of winter clothing, we let our skin breathe as we head for the lake waters. The artwork “Summer flyers” depicts that particular moment - the excitement of the free fall, the anticipation of the cold water hitting our body, and the pure and simple joy of being alive.

The lesson

Oil on Canvas
28 x 22 in

In the rural environment, beyond the teachings of skills and knowledge pertinent to the farming profession, what is passed down from generation to generation is also a way of being. “The lesson” therefore, whilst being an ode to the noble farming tradition, also points out the beauty and lyricism found in the relationship between two generations, and how the survival of the new depends on the selflessness of the old.
“The Lesson” aims to portray those moral values anchored in a more traditional, simpler way of life - a lesson we could all benefit from.

The home-maker

2nd Place
graphite, w/colour on paper
19 x 15 in

“The home-maker” offers my personal interpretation of a role that, although vital and central to family life and the wellbeing of society as a whole, is quite too often invested with a negative overtone in the urban culture. In this piece I re-dignify the role by restoring its traditional meaning, worth and value.

Both a Canadian and an Italian citizen, Toni Hamel holds a BFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce (Italy), a post-graduate Certificate in Computer Graphics from Sheridan College in Oakville (Ontario, Canada), and the Golden Key Award from the University of Toronto (Ontario, Canada) where she attended the Specialist Programme in Psychology. Since 2004 Toni has been focusing solely and exclusively on art making, producing to date a substantial body of work while gathering great critical acclaim and recognition from peers and collectors alike.

As an emerging artist, her list of formal gallery shows in Canada is yet to be built, however her work is held in various private collections both in Canada and in Italy.

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