Rob Bajer

Third Street Bridge at 2 a.m.

Third Street Bridge at 2 a.m. is what I see on my daily bike ride to work. I wanted to capture it on canvas. The lights reflecting on the Thames River, the darkness and the peacefulness of the hour are what drew me to the scene.

acrylic on canvas

Rose Beach

Rose Beach is on the shore of Lake Erie near Rondeau Provincial Park. I often walk my dogs on the stretch of sand and near dusk the sunsets are gorgeous. On this particular day, the mist had settled on the beach. It is such a serene setting; I wanted to recreate it with my paintbrush.

acrylic on canvas

Rob Bajer was born in the former Czechoslovakia. His family fled the communist country in 1984 with a long walk through the mountains of the former Yugoslavia. After a brief stay in Austria, they ended up making Chatham their new home in Canada.
Rob has been drawing since he was three. He is a self-taught artist with a passion for painting life as he sees it. With every new painting, Rob learns something new about technique, contrast and his own artistic style.
Whether heís airbrushing a motorcycle helmet, sketching a family portrait or painting a landscape, Rob is always learning and growing as an artist. He prefers working with large canvasses and his subjects vary. His portfolio is as eclectic as his inspiration.
Much of Robís work to date has included commissions for friends, family and co-workers. In recent years heís started focusing on creating a collection of work for exhibition. For a time he worked on acrylic paintings inspired by Asia. Rob handcrafted wooden frames for some of the work in the series.
Currently Rob is doing work that reflects his surroundings in Chatham-Kent.

Artistís Statement

In my work I donít use any particular techniques. I just paint what feels right. I donít know the terms or names of brushstrokes or styles. I work by instinct, just putting paint to canvas the way it feels right. A lot of my work is spontaneous. It starts with an idea, which often takes me on a journey towards the finished product.
Currently, Iím working on paintings inspired by my surroundings in Chatham-Kent, my travels in Canada and the people around me.

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