John Ashbourne

Perhaps someone might like......."

3rd Place
20" x 24" x 2"

The bones of a dinosaur - in the late evening light of course

30" x 20" x 2"

From the Woolwich Polytechnic School of Art in my teens by a circuitous route, which passed … in parallel with the London School of Economics and a career in public and private sector management in order to feed my family ….. through the premier Galleries of Europe –Tate, Pompidou, Prado Uffizi et al and now the ROM, AGO and McMichael - and included a year’s apprenticeship to an established sculptor/carver, I have for the last ten years lived and worked in rural Ontario.

I dislike categorisation and acknowledge many and varied influences ranging from the medieval to the modern and from the orthodox to the primitive and even the iconoclastic ……..but eschewing nineteenth century Romanticism…
….and not least my 30 years living in the rural county of Suffolk, the home of John Constable, George Crabbe and Benjamin Britten and of many others who created from the soil and from other media with toil and imagination.

I make images with a camera, with pastel and paint and occasionally with wood, clay and cold cast bronze.

My work has been shown quite widely around Ontario, and in Toronto, in juried exhibitions and commercial and public galleries …………………………and has been honoured with a number of awards for which I am always gratefully surprised but childishly pleased.

Whatever my medium I try to reveal something of substance and meaning rather than be content with the superficial, and if something is thus seen or thought of differently then that is success – if it is enjoyed then that is a bonus to be to welcomed.

I live in the township of Mono in Dufferin County having moved to Canada in 2000 with my wife and German Shepherds to be reasonably near our grandsons as they grew to maturity in Toronto.
I always welcome visitors to see more of my work at my website at:

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